Firemain are renowned as a world class designers and suppliers of be-spoke specialised fire protection solutions for the protection of all genres of storage tanks in use today.

Storage tanks come in an ever growing range of sizes and configurations and they always contain harmful or highly flammable liquids. We are always able to offer a solution for all of these risks.

Ever growing large tanks with floating roofs are normally protected with an automated detection and suppression system for fires situated on the edges of the roof. Any other type of roof fire requires an active fire attack using cooling water and foam supplied by high flow fire fighting monitors.

Smaller type tanks with fixed roofs are protected in a different way the foam is applied to the inside of the tank using internal foam pourers or a number of foam injection means including surface and sub surface applications dependant on the protection risk.

All storage tanks irrespective of size require individual be-spoke fire engineered solution which our team will be more than happy to assist you with.

• Williams Fire Hazard Control
• Type 3 Application
• Pumps
• Remote & manual monitor systems
• Foam skid systems
• Deluge skids
• High volume hose systems
• Foam Concentrate and suppression agents
• Foam proportioning hardware
• Foam proportioning skids
• Foam delivery systems
• Fire fighting equipment

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