Firemain are considered the UK experts for the design, manufacture and supply of aircraft hangar and aircraft fire protection utilizing equipment including monitors, under wing monitors, Hi expansion foam deluge and AFFF foam application.

NFPA 409 has been the standard of choice in hangar protection for many years. However, the continued concern over firewater run-off with any foam system has prompted the use of high expansion foam. Hi Expansion foam (HiEx) uses a great deal less water in operation but it's important to understand the special parameters of the ETL.

The Engineering Technical Letter (ETL) is a higher standard adopted by the USAF to protect military aircraft hangars. We have an enviable track record in protecting hangars using the ETL.

Rather than calling for a specific application rate in terms of litres per minute per square metre, the ETL measures performance by the total coverage achieved within both 1 minute and 4 minutes. This requires the use of highly efficient foam generators mounted at roof level capable of expansion ratios of 1000:1. This produces very dry expanded foam that will readily flow around the footprint of parked aircraft. Indeed, the standard calls for 90% coverage within 1 minute and a 1 metre depth within 4 minutes. The Firemain design has easily achieved compliance.

ETL is endorsed by the USAF and is considered to be the best engineered solution for the protection of Aircraft Hangars available today.

• Hi Ex Foam
• Low Ex AFFF application
• NFPA 409
• USAF endorsed ETL
• Remote control and manual monitor systems
• Under wing monitors

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