LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas is internationally recognised as one of the now most common sources of new energy and is transported around the world in LNG super tankers and then stored at LNG storage facilities until it is required.

LNG is stored at extremely low temperatures (-162°c) as a liquid and only then re- gassified at the gas terminals upon demand.

Tackling LNG fires is a completely different to all other fossil based fuel fires.LNG fires require initial LNG containment followed by cooling and the prevention of LNG Gas cloud formation.

The technique involves containment of the LNG followed by the application of high expansion foams to control the LNG and then making provision to recover the controlled LNG.

Firemain have a complete portfolio of products totally dedicated to LNG fire control and safety.

• LNG Dedicated design service
• LNG "Hi Ex" Foam attack and containment hardware
• LNG Foam concentrates
• Water monitors

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