Firemain offer a complete systems commissioning service to ensure full compliance with specifications and required standards including Loss prevention Council (LPC) NFPA and Military standards.

• Commissioning foam systems
• Foam Testing NFPA 11
• BS 13565

Typical services include:

• making improvements to and offering advice about operational procedures
• scheduling and coordinating work to tight deadlines
• ensuring that equipment works to its specification
• creating and carrying out test procedures
• investigating problems, diagnosing/repairing faults
• troubleshooting
• liaising with installation/project engineers
• supervising engineering and technical staff
• writing reports and documentation
• providing technical support
• ensuring safe working conditions
• Training maintenance and operative staff where appropriate
• 24 hr service where equipment is in 24-hour operation

For more information on our services use the link below or call our dedicated sales engineers on: +44(0) 1744 850 063